Storyline Framerate for animated GIFs?

Jul 31, 2015

I'm doing some testing with animated GIFs,  and it seems like the animated GIFs play a lot slower in the Storyline files both in preview and once published.  Is this a bug or is SL playing the GIFs at a slower rate? I don't remember this being the case before the update.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for checking in on this issue. I looked into the report previously filed and it is still with our QA team for review. We look at prioritizing bugs and feature requests based on breath of impact, viability of other workarounds, and overall customers impacted and within those categories this one hasn't bubble up to the very top yet. I'll look at including your comments in addition to what we already have filed and keep you posted here with any other updates or additional information. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi George,

We've only seen it with gifs in Storyline, and that's what our team is looking further into. Storyline does publish with a frame rate of 30fps as per the best practices in working with Flash here. 

Thanks for sharing your need for this fix as well, as it's always good to be able to keep our QA team updated in regards to the breadth of impact from users. We'll keep you posted here with any other changes in the behavior. 

Sven Auer

Hi Ashley & Alyssa,

thanks for your answers. 

I´m using SL3. We´ve tested GIFs with 20/15/12/10 FPS. Only with 10 FPS it works (in SL3 it looks like the same, when i using a different photo program), but it´s not very useful with such FPS (it looks not very good). The higher FPS configuration doesn´t have an impact, it always seems, that the FPS is only 10.