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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Krystyna and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

We still haven't nailed this one down.

You mention that it's happening in your LMS and in IE11, but I'd like to ask a few more questions.

  • What version of Storyline are you using? 
  • What was the previous version where this was working as expected?
  • Were you able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud as well?
  • Is this only affecting your HTML5 output as some of the other users here have indicated?

If you are able to replicate, please feel free to share your .story file so that we can take a look. If you cannot share here in the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.

Krystyna Wisniewska

Hi Leslie,

My colleague is using Update 5: 3.5.16548.0 version - he is responsible for making our courses. I still have Update 4: 3.4.15731.0 version on my computer - course published in this version works on our LMS correctly. We are only publishing our courses to HTML5 Only format.
The problem occurs only in a quizzes section of our course.
Unfortunately, I'm not able to share the file with you because of our company compliance policy.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional information Krystyna. 

Since you are not able to share the course, would you be able to test if the issue is happening in SCORM Cloud as well?

You mention publishing to HTML5 Only formatting, so the suggestions of Flash First/HTML5 fallback that worked for some other users does not sound like a viable option for you.

If you can work privately with our team, you can do so here and an NDA can be signed if needed as well.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jacqueline,

On a thread where we had an issue filed that we were tracking, I would tell you that replying was the best way to be included in any updates that we have to share. In this instance, however, we've not tracked down or filed a report as this is not an issue we have been able to replicate.

We'd love to work directly with you to get to the bottom of this if we can. You can share your .story file privately with our team here so that we can take a look.

Steve G

Hi. Has there been any resolution to this issue?  We also have users on CSOD using IE 11 that are experiencing the same "minimizing" issue.  Chrome is fine.  SCORM Cloud is fine.  Publishing for Flash with an HTML5 fallback helps if the user has a flash player, but if they don't then the issue persists.  Our users are getting very frustrated.  Any developments here?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steve.  We've seen the same results on our end testing customer files.  The course will play fine in SCORM Cloud with Internet Explorer 11.  Since we're unable to replicate this behavior in another LMS environment, it points to an issue with how CSOD may be handling the output in IE11.

Would you be able to share any insight that their support has offered for this behavior?

Louise Elliott

Hi All, 

Has there been any update to this issue?

I'm also experiencing this when publishing  HTML5 with Flash fall back within Netdimensions LMS. I don't have the problem when publishing Flash with HTML5.

It occurs on slides that advance automatically and issue is only with IE, not in Chrome. 

Tested in SCORM cloud and works normally in both Chrome and IE.

Points to the issue within the LMS which I will raise with the vendor. Before doing that I was wondering if anyone has received any advice from their LMS support on what the issue may be & how to fix? 



Jacqueline Silva

Sorry to report that I am now seeing this issue within Cornerstone published with HLTM5 only using SCORM 2004 3rd edition, IE only. It occurs when the user clicks a button that takes them to a new scene (NOT an auto-advance). It works fine with Chrome. Unfortunately, it is company policy NOT to share anything outside our firewall. Is there any progress with this bug?

Vincent Scoma

Hey Jacqueline, 

I am sorry to hear that you are encountering this issue! 

Since you are not able to share the course, would you be able to test your course in SCORM Cloud to see if the issue persists in a different LMS environment? If you are not able to replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it then leads to a possible problem with how the LMS may be handling the output in IE11.

If you can replicate this behavior in SCORM Cloud, please let us know and we are more than happy to work with you directly to troubleshoot this further! You can connect with our Support Engineers by using this link here!