Text Entry fields not setting when control loses focus in mobile devices (Storyline 360)

Feb 09, 2017

We've identified that text entry fields that are added to a slide using Storyline 360 do not register if the user enters a value and then immediately clicks a Submit button when using a mobile device. In order to get the value to register, the user needs to click outside the text entry field before clicking the Submit button.

On a MAC or PC, the text entry value does register when the Submit button is clicked.

Does anyone know of any workarounds, other than to provide instructions at the start of the course?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lu,

Thanks for your patience. I created a test file and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud for testing, and it seems to work as expected on mobile devices. Here's a link to the file for you to test, as well. I'm interested to see if your file is set up differently than mine. Are you able to share it here in the forums? 

Lu Post

Hi Alyssa, thank you for the follow-up. I did some research and created a scenario similar to the course we launched that has caused the mobile issues and tickets. It appears that it's the closing of the keyboard that sets the value. If a manual submit button is added (not on player) to the slide and triggered with variables and that button is clicked before closing the keyboard on the iPad, the value isn't set.

I loaded a 2 slide course into SCORM Cloud to show this. The first includes a text entry that is built with variables around the submit button (no quiz slide). If you click Submit before closing the keyboard, the value doesn't register. The second slide is one built with the convert to freeform text entry and uses a Submit button in the player. This slide works fine, likely because the keyboard has to be closed to access submit arrow.


I assume this is expected functionality of the iPad. We can add a starter explanation slide to the course to explain the need to close the keyboard before submitting.

Thanks so much for your help.


Adrienne E

I am having the same problem. I tried to fix it by using the Submit button on the player, but when I tested it on my iPad, the keyboard didn't cover the Submit button-- the entire player was pushed upwards so the Submit button was still visible above the keyboard. Do you know if there's any way to fix that? Would it be related to the player size settings?

Charlie Seminara

I'm using Storyline 360. I uploaded the course through SCORM cloud. This issue was replicated on both an iPad 2 and an Android Galaxy s3. This issue occurs on mobile devices, not on a desktop computer.

My issue is exactly the same as described in the original post by Lu. In order to get the value to register for a text-entry, the user needs to tap outside the text entry field before tapping the Submit button. As described above, it seems that the device's keyboard has to be closed first, and the only way for the user to do that is to touch anywhere outside of the text-entry area. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Charlie,

You're exactly correct. It looks like the user has to close the mobile keyboard by tapping "Done" or tapping outside the text-entry area in order for the text entry value to be set. 

Our team is reviewing this behavior, and you're in the right place to stay updated. We'll post any new information we get right here in this thread. Thanks for checking in!

Timo Raaska

I tested a bit more and it seems to be that text entry field does not get "lostfocus" rigth.  For example i have slide with one text entry field and one button - and i put buttonclick event to check if text entry field is blank. So it should be that when i enter some text and then click the button .. the text entry should loose focus when i click button ... but it does not at first click. Next click on button does the trick. So bug i would say.

Leslie McKerchie

Actually Timo - upon further investigation to add your notes, it looks like this may have been corrected. 

I have a brief file here that is now working.

Please be sure that you are on the latest version of Storyline 360, then republish and retest your content. If you need us to take a look, please share the .story file for us to take a peek.

Timo Raaska

Here is my sample story. Problem is with javascript excecution at "loose focus" event.

I´m building a validation of input ... so I would like to execute a javascript validation function as soon as the input field does loses focus.

But it seems that for some reason it is not working correctly - take a look at my sample. I put now only one-liner simple javascript to demonstrate the problem.

And this is not related to mobile as it has same problem in my PC.