Text to speech speed

Hello Guys, i think Articulate Storyline needs to improve the text to speech features, so that we are able to adjust the speed of the narrator. because all the narrators (voices), are really too fast, and in order to make it some how slower, we have to add punch of commas; which make the sound very annoying but understandable. 

It will also be great , to make the narration speed in a slider (from 1 to 10)not drop-down list (slow, medium, fast).


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Clint Clarkson

Just spent some time mucking around with the Storyline 360 TST and the following seems to be true. I used Salli's voice, but it looked to be the same on other voices.

It's not perfect, but something to work with. These should immediately follow text. They haven't been tested extensively:

  • Comma [,] = 1/4 sec silence (works even if not followed by a space)
  • Period [.] = 1/2 sec silence (must be followed by a space)
  • Period [.], [Return] = 3/4 sec silence
  • Period [.], [Return], [Return] = 5/8 sec silence
  • Period [.], [Return], Caret [^], Asterisk [*], Open Bracket [(], [Return] = 1 1/8 sec silence

Anyone come up with any other combinations?



Shannon Bank

The spacing keys are limited in helpfulness in slowing things down. and if you are trying to have closed captioning for ADA compliance it is a nightmare. And any changes made to the test is a pain to deal with. There needs to be a better way. I would prefer to use the text to speech as then if someone leaves your facility you dont need to rerecord an entire course if one section changes and you want the consistency. This is not really a viable feature as is.

James Ferrone

I have had to resort to using an external TTS engine for mine now, which I hate to do, because otherwise Articulate's is great.  I like the voices, the way they sound, the ability to make changes easily, but they just speak too quickly for my audiences.  I found a free engine that has 20 speed options, but making a file there and importing it isn't ideal, especially when changes need to be made. 

I think the number of responses to these threads is evidence that it is a worthwhile enhancement!  I appreciate the forum for requesting this, and that it has given us an opportunity to share the timing 'hacks', which has been quite helpful, but since I have to give a lot of information to a crowd for whom English is not their first language, I really need that ability to have the audio track play slowly and clearly.