User Drawing a Line

Hello Heros,


I've searched in the old posts and articles here but could not find a clear answer.

What are the options to allow the user to draw lines (straight or curved) as a part of the Storyline environment? I'm interested in simple options that do not require interfacing with other applications, if possible. I'm not sure if a canvas is necessary to be added as an object then drawing is only possible.

One of the threads mentioned creating a grid of points and then connecting them (I guess using triggers, conditions, and/or states). I'd like to examine this option if it meets what I need. Any samples to start with?


Thank you.



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Tom Kuhlmann

Storyline doesn't offer a user-generated line so there's no real way to create a drawn line based on user input.

As you alluded to, it is possible to simulate it using a combination probably of hidden lines, hotspots and triggers to change the state of the objects.

What are you trying to do and perhaps as people know what effect you want, they can offer some clever workarounds.

Ali Al-Shufafa

Thanks a lot Tom for the clear answer.

I'm working on training for children in which they are expected to exercise their hands by drawings given simplified shapes like a house, apple, cat and some characters (A, a, 1, 2, △, ⊟ etc).

How about using the function of freeforms (like drag and drop) with a tracing functionality for the path? Would it help in having a workaround?

I did not tried using states, hotspots, triggers etc for drawing cush-shaped but I assume it will be overwhelming as they are many. Do you think using a Web object is a better option?