various ways a storyline module is launched

I would like to know what are the various ways to launch a storyline module in the published output? For example 1: User clicks on a link and storyline course opens in a lightbox. What are the other options for launching a storyline module.

Please get back to me ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Sandeep Gadam

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Crystal Horn

Hi Sandeep! The answer will depend on where you're hosting your output.

  • Learning Management System: Your learner will likely sign in to view their available courses and click a link to launch yours. It might open within the LMS interface (same window), or it might launch a new window. You can determine this behavior in the Player Properties, as well as the launch behavior in the LMS (if it offers those controls).
  • Web: Your learner will click a link, and the course will either launch in a new window or in the same browser tab.
  • Local/Offline Viewing: If you published your course for CD, your learner would need to open the output folder and use the launch_story.exe to open a window that plays the course.

What will you be doing with your course once it's published?

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