What we’re doing to help with missing images (updated 03/06/2019)

Feb 27, 2019

Recently, Chrome and Safari stopped displaying some objects in Storyline courses. This problem generally impacts animated images that are displayed on top of other animated images, although other objects may be impacted as well.

On February 19, we enhanced Storyline 360 to accommodate these browser updates. If objects disappear when viewing a course in Chrome 72 or Safari 12, install the latest Storyline 360 update and re-publish your course.

We’ll also update Storyline 3 to accommodate these browser updates. This Storyline 3 enhancement is currently targeted for Tuesday, March 5.

We know it's frustrating when browser updates affect your courses, and we’re sorry. We're working diligently to add support for these browser changes, and we'll keep you posted on our progress.

UPDATE (03/06/2019): We've now enhanced Storyline 3 to accommodate these browser updates. If objects disappear when viewing a course in Chrome 72 or Safari 12, install the latest Storyline 3 update and re-publish your course.

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VOCO Training Centre

Thank you for the update! We have a slightly different issue that we haven't seen before. Instead of images missing, we have letters missing. The first to leave the alphabet is the letter F. The user is using Internet Explorer and I feel it may be a font issue on their end, but after seeing this, I wonder if anyone else is having a quirk like this?

Noel Read

Hi, thanks for updating SL3. I was hoping to use the auto-updater to update my SCORM packages but I think it might not have been updated to incorporate the latest SL3 changes (https://articulate.com/support/article/articulate-updater-release-notes-and-instructions) .

Do you know when the updater will be updated so that I can auto-update all of our SCORM packages? Thanks Noel

Jake Hurt

Hi, since the new version colour designs are not transferring properly. i.e. when i apply a colour design to multiple slides the slides just ignore it and stick with what they originally had.


Edit: Actually it is importing correctly, just not updating the LOOK of the theme colors, see attached. You can see that the color blue is selected but it is actually red! The blue palette was the original palette, and the red one is what was chosen to overwrite it.

Maria Virginia Steinberg

Hi! Does this mean that I must post all my courses again once the update has been downloaded? I `ve been using Storyline 360 but in other courses I used Storyline 3 and even 2. The question is whether this would be affecting all the courses already published or if you will take some other action to solve it. Thank you!

benny niran

first of all thanks for the update.

im just letting you know , that now the z-index missing images problem 

is happening again from time to time, BUT it is now  fixible if you send the animated objects  to the front of the slide.

just letting you know , in case you want to re-fix it permanently

but tnx alot again for the help.

benny niran


i had the problem on  a newer slide that i made.

its not specific to a certain slide, whenever animated object is being "sent to back" (for instance fade - animation in all of  my cases) after i publish and open with  chrome browser, it will make certain texts disappar on the same location , when viewed  in 100% screen resolution.



Gilbert Segura

HI folks, is there a way to get to older story line versions posted?

I know you want everyone on the latest/greatest but most softwares [Chrome, Firefox, Adobe [insert product here]] all have previous versions buried in some support area. Captivate goes way back to 2010! I've had rare needs for when backwards compatibility didn't work. Even Storyline 1 and 2 don't go back and I have files that need to remain true to their "unimproved" legacy formats.

Specifically my current use case is Storyline Update 2


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Gabriel,

This issue should be fixed, so I'm sorry you're running into it again. We haven't seen this on our end since Chrome 73, so we would love to get a closer look at a sample of your file.

Would you be willing to share a few slides with us? If that works for you, you can upload your file privately to our support team here. We'll give it a test and let you know what we find!

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