Are You Interested in Local Articulate User Groups?

Hey gang,

I'm looking to gauge level of interest in starting some local Articulate user groups; I mean interest in terms of attending, participating, and/or hosting these groups.

A user group is a gathering of people with a shared interest, in this case, Articulate software. These would be fun, casual, and informal get-togethers that allow people to network with other Articulate and e-learning professionals, learn new things, and share cool discoveries or projects they've created.

Let me know if you're interested in this idea and what city you'd like to see the user groups in by leaving a comment below. 


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Nick Shelton

I'm in Indy but would make a drive to Chicago to do something like this when I could swing it.

I know face-to-face is better (agile manifesto and whatnot), but another potential would be hangouts or hangouts on the air, where maybe a few people lead discussions/presentations for others, and stream live on youtube....we'd have do do some time twearking for global counterparts to find the best globally available slot, have an online comments moderator so there's interaction from those attending digitally...but, feasible.

Someone could lead the community, do bi-monthly meetups with 2-4 people hanging out, and meetup globally.

Love the idea Nicole!

- Nick

John Nixdorf

To those folks who indicated an interest in a Chicagoland group. Articulate staffer indicated she'd set up a "Meetup" group.

Those of you who live in the Chicago area know the almost insuperable difficulty involved in setting up a physical location that everyone in the group can meet at.

The Loop is central, but it's a nightmare to get to if you work in the burbs. The burbs are convenient to anyone who lives close to the meeting venue, but a nightmare for anyone who doesn't. Who wants to drive from Northfield to Naperville for an evening meeting, or vice versa?

So my thinking is to rely on LYNC, or some other web conference utility so people can join in from remote locations. Folks in places like Springfield and Indianapolis who expressed an interest would be able to participate.

My thinking for the first couple of meetings is open with some chit-chat, then someone does a show and tell of an Articulate project they've either completed or have in progress. This would include demo of the finished product as well as a "peek behind the scenes" of the work files. End with Q&A

I've gotten a few e-mails on my jnixdorf @ address. Anyone interested should e-mail me there as well as posting here and I'll collect an e-mailing list. It was sending a vacation message but I turned that off and am checking it.