Customisable animated button set - Interactive example and FREE DOWNLOAD

There is nothing more visually engaging than having a button do something "different" when you hover over it, or click on it. By "different" I mean apart from changing colour which I would say is more often than not the effect that is used on standard buttons sets.

I also attended the Articulate roadshow workshop in Melbourne where Tom Kuhlmann demonstrated the possibilities with animated button sets.  Since the workshop I've developed a really basic set in Articulate Storyline 2 and thought it might be worth sharing this with the community. When I say basic - the buttons are also fully customisable and available for download - the set might not be "complete" but you can easily add your own buttons, and/or customise the ones I've developed using the download file.

You will need to go to my "Freebies" page on my e-Portfolio to view the interactive demo and access the download file.  

Here's the link.


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