Explore a virtual town in Storyline

Hi Heroes, 


Update - Storyfile now attached. 

This one is a work in a progress, inspired by loving memories of past trips to Germany, I have attempted to build a virtual village using Canva, Vyond and then triggers to scroll the character left & right, 

I had ran into a few issues either side of the scroll, but with some help from the community I used a transparent shape to stop the movement. 

Long term I have no professional projects in mind to use this one on, this is purely for fun. I plan to add characters, inventory, money and to trigger the buildings to take you to new locations. I plan to turn this into an adventure game and will keep the review link upto date. 

Any feedback would be really appreciated. 

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Bianca Woods

Hi Danny,

The look and feel of your virtual village is so charming! Thanks so much for sharing it.

As for figuring out how to use triggers to stop the edges of the scroll, would you be able to share the Storyline file for the project? If we can see how you built the scrolling it should help a lot with troubleshooting the issue.