Need advise on how to make a character walk back and forth

Hi all. I am fairly new to Storyline and I was lucky enough to get a job that requires me to learn this. I've always looked at all the amazing things that everyone here has done and finally I get to work on it myself. :)

Anyways, I wanted to ask for some help regarding a video that I was watching. David Charney created this amazing parallax video where he was showing a character walking back and forth. I have been trying to replicate what he does and I got stuck at one part where he is able to make the person walk back. I wanted to adapt his work where I make the character walk and talk to some people the character will meet up along the way, with each person giving information when needed.

More specifically, he has mentioned that he checks the values of where the character has been and where he is currently. If the difference is negative, then he is walking in one direction (left for example), and if it is positive then walking the other way (right). Logically, I understand this but I can't seem to get this to work (based on what I can see on his triggers).

Hopefully someone can advise on how it can be done. I feel I am close and losing sleep over it (even been dreaming about it lol...)  If anyone is interested, I can even share it once it works. :)  I would be glad to finally contribute to the Storyline community.

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Darren Wall

Hi Dan,

I've included a link at the bottom of this post, the template is free to download courtesy of Chris Hodgson and includes the math you need to get yours working. You'd just need to apply it to the thumb on the slider instead.

Look forward to seeing the finished piece!