Pre-test, custom sections, reporting multiple results slides?

Feb 05, 2018

Hallo, I've had a good look through the MANY existing posts about this, but I've not seen one that answers the question I have.  I am presenting a small chunk of content which is new to the people completing the learning. This takes them to the pre-test which then determines which of the next sections of the course they need to view.  If they receive 100% on the pre-test, they can choose to engage with the content, and if not that is fine.

For people who need to view the content, I only want to post-test the sections they didn't score 100% in the pre-test, which I thought to do at the end of each section and then amalgamate the results slides. This is where I run into some confusion.  How do I report a pass result for 100% completion on the pre-test questions (if it happens) AND the more likely combination of 100% correct sections from the pre-test and post-test?

It is a semi-compliance course, but for something people are pretty familiar with, so its not a good use of their time to make them sit through content they already know.

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Joanne Chen

Hi Stacey, 

You are right, we can't change the result-score variable. But we can track a fake question slide. I was inspired by the post "How to track specific Storyline slides and course progress in LMS" by Eric Carlson. You can create a fake question slide just before the reporting result slide.

  1. Create a text entry question for that tracking slide and set a correct answer for it.
  2. Adjust the text variable to the correct answer when timeline starts on the condition of pre-test result score or post-test result score equal to 100. (Set an incorrect value as default, so the answer will be incorrect if pre or post-test scores less than 100)
  3. Jump to the report slide when timeline ends (Set slide timeline to 0.2 sec, then users won't found they have been through this slide.)
  4. Use a blank result as the report slide to track that text entry question slide, and set passing score to 100%. (So learners will pass if they got a score from pre or post-test, otherwise, they fail. )

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