PUBG Mobile Game – Sniper Feature in Articulate Storyline 360

Jul 01, 2019

PUBG Mobile Game Develop in Articulate Storyline 360

While I was watching videos on YouTube in regards to gamification in eLearning, all of a sudden, I came across the game PUBG, probably #1 in the gaming industry and the very next thought was, let me design something similar in Articulate Storyline 360.

Well, a known fact is that PUBG is very dynamic and rich in graphics, whereas Storyline is limited when compared to PUBG’s development ground.

The certain thing in PUBG game is aiming at the enemy and shooting with the gun. So I came up with this strategy to implement in my game as well.

Being in limitations, I started my development. In this first draft, I have used some video clips from YouTube to bring a realistic environment. Alongside, designed a sniper feature and added triggers for shooting effect in the game which came out well.

I made this game NOT as a part of an eLearning activity, but just to test how robust Articulate Storyline software is.

As I am very keen about game-based learning, in my next version I will plan to add some more features from PUBG like Energy drink, changing gun, etc. This game looks fine on Desktop and works cool on Mobile devices.

From an ID perception, I may modify this game for kids in which they can learn Alphabets and Numbers which will pop on the screen and user should identify them in a specified time.

Click the link to see the game in action and let me know your views:

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