Recording WebEx Screenshare Meetings in Camtasia

I am gearing up to have a series of sessions with an SME where the SME demos a system on their computer and I record it.  I will take those recordings and import them into Camtasia to create a series of micro-learning videos.

In the past, I have just recorded the session in WebEx, downloaded the .mp4, and then imported into Camtasia.  I am curious whether there is any advantage to recording the demo via Camtasia directly (as opposed to importing the WebEx mp4).

Does anyone have any insight here?



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Thor Melicher

Hey Dustin,

When possible, I "double-record" where not only do I use the meetings platform, but I also record with Camtasia.

Some of the benefits:

  • I don't have to wait for the meeting platform to generate a recording
  • Peace of mind - I get an automatic back-up so if one doesn't work, I have another I can use.
  • With the Camtasia recording, I get to more accurately set what I want to record which reduces post clean-up (ex: cropping out the gallery of participants)
  • If the other person is recording, I don't have to wait for them to send me the recording