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Brian Duvall

Very good job.  I liked it a lot.  Only piece of feedback I'd provide is maybe adding a visual indicator on responses that trend the meter in the positive direction.  There was written feedback provided that let you know how you did, but I think all responses had sort of a gold outline around them.  If that could be green for a positive response and red for a negative response (and maybe keep the gold if there are any neutral responses), that would help the learner to process whether they picked a good or bad response quicker.

Phil Eagles

Hi, thanks for the feedback. The feedback cards provided on screen relate to how likely the user is to meet or fail the deadline depending on their overall responses. It's not related to whether they answered the previous question right or wrong which I have used the gauge for as more of a visual representation. Although I can see why it might be slightly misleading. The feedback cards range from green (likely to pass) to red (likely to fail).

Anneli Janssens

I loved it Phil!!. 

I agree with Brian, I wasn't sure which was bad or good, as I seemed to be very FOCUSED and at the end did really well. But it would be good to know  was I on the right track to help the colleague unjam the printer, or should I have ignored him. It made me wonder.

But its super awesome nonetheless.

P.S. Brian, I've heard not to use green/red colors because so many people are green/red color blind.

Phil Eagles
Amar Kulshreshtha

HI Phil,

I think you should post this game on this weak challenges, if you're interested.

Gamify an E-Learning Course #102:




Thanks for the heads up Amar, I have posted this on the challenge. :)