What degree/certificate programs exist?

Feb 10, 2011

Got this question from a blog reader:

"As part of our development, a few of us in the OD department are looking into programs/certifications that will help us as we move from producing on-demand learning events to creating learning that is part of a learning plan.  Can you recommend any programs"

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Lindsey Brockish

Clare Marsh said:


Anyone know of simular Undergraduate courses available in the UK or via internet with no attendance?

Take Care


Clare, the University of Washington E-Learning Design and Development Certification program (Professional and Continuing Ed.) takes place completely online. I completed the program last year and we had participants from all over the US and from other countries. Maybe that would be an option for you.


Debra Stone

I am another Boise State IPT Master's graduate.  This was a solid program with much more than just instructional design principles.  It teaches how to determine what the cause of performance discrepancies are, and then to apply the right tool.  If the right tool is instruction, you also learn how to apply it in a way that makes sense to the learner. 

Jennifer Vazquez
Tasos Katsaounis

Hi everyone.  I have two question about certificate programs. 

  1. I've come to find that most if not all universities require that you've completed a 4 year degree to participate in their programs.  Does anyone know of an online university certificate program that does NOT require a 4 year degree? 
  2. What is everyone's opinion of ASTD's certificate programs?  How would they compare to a university based program? 


Scott Nipper

For those in the Sacramento, California area, Sacramento State has a certificate program.  It is part of their College of Continuing Education.


I am kind of partial because I helped develop the program and teach several of the sessions. 

The program has a very good mix of theory, practice, and hands-on with students leaving having analyzed, designed and developed an actual elearning module that they can implement in their place of work.

Judith Blackbourn

Steve Flowers said:

$12518 seems fairly low. I'm guessing that's for in-state.  Costs per credit hour can be as high as $750-$1250. That would make that same graduate degree 24k - 45k. In my opinion, that's not really reasonable. Some would disagree, considering that career prospects and pay are likely to increase. Either way, 12.5k seems attractive in comparison

About costs:

Just a tip from a senior instructional designer (emphasis on Senior) -- make sure that you have enough years left in your working career to pay off the student loans.

I completed an online Associate course in 2008, and now at age 65 I still have$16,000 owing. Needless to say, I don't expect to retire before 70!

Jason LastName

I highly recommend the Instructional Technology program at Bloomsburg University.  This is a well-structured program that integrates theory with real-word applications.  The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  This program helped to take my course design and development skills to the next level.  The classes can be conveniently completed in person or online which was very helpful for me.  I’d be happy to answer any question you may have about the program.

Garry Hargreaves

Ali Ahmed said:

Can anyone tell me what degree/certificate programs are available in Australia?

Hi Ali, 

I completed the Graduate Certificate at Griffith Uni (BrisVegas). That means only 40 more credit points for

my Masters in Digital Design.  F2F attendance, can't say I would recommend.

Would like to see a range of online SL courses - Lynda.com style.  



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