Articulate 360 Peek Window issues

Feb 01, 2017

I apologize is this is covered elsewhere, but I didn't see it if it is. I have dual monitors because I find it easier to develop that way (pull up material in Word on one screen, copy into Storyline on the other). The Peek screen recorder seems to be a bit confused by that. When I try to record something, the "window" that shows up is about four inches from the screen I choose.

For example, if I choose "full screen" of the monitor on my left, it puts the red box mostly in the middle of the two monitors instead of fully over the left side. I am posting a screen shot of where the window goes on this page for an example (attached). The weird thing is that it will record the screen as if it is in the proper place (though does record the line of record box itself). If I move it with the move crosshairs to cover the window fully over the where I want it, it does not record correctly (it acts offcenter). I've tried playing with various things in Properties to see if it is a "compatability" thing, but haven't found an answer yet. Anyone have any ideas?

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Jessica Kellerman

Hi Articulate team

This appears to still be an issue and is really, really frustrating. 

I've tried using replay as well as peek with similar results. I use windows 10 and have just downloaded the latest version of peek. 

I use a 2nd monitor plugged into my laptop, so my first try was with that before I found this thread. You can see the result here:

To record the current version on above link, I set my display size to 100% (in the Windows setting). You'll see the issue here is that the window I selected (sized the peek recording window over) is not what was recorded. 
In the previous version my display was set to 125%. Here the window size is perfect, but the mouse movements are not shown correctly. I wanted to see if I could disable them, but the Peek preferences won't open...

So I tried unplugging my monitor and doing it directly on my laptop screen, still with display set to 100% to get the mouse movements right. In the attached screenshot you'll see the default Peek window size. Here you see what it records when set like that:

You'll see above it records more than what is selected. I resized it to fit only the browser window. Still, it recorded most of the screen. The mouse movements are still not shown correctly. You can see that here:

This is what I settled on, but is really not ideal because I want to show my browser window only.

Have no work-arounds or fixes been found in over 3 years? Is there any way this issue can be escalated? Instead of spending 5 or 10 minutes doing a quick how-to video, it has taken me almost an hour to get a less than desirable result.

Anton Noffke

I gave up on Peek along time ago due to these issues and a rather disappointing response (none) from Articulate. I use a third party app for screen recording - SnagIT. I have the added complication of having monitor of different resolutions, not sure if Peek can perform. Windows 10 now has a built in recorder, has anyone used it?