Audio Errors in Articulate Review

Nov 10, 2020

We build and review a large number of Studio courses in Review 360. Today, we are experiencing audio problems. We've seen similar problems in the past, including the Chrome Update of '18. 

Some of our audio files are not playing in Review 360, unless the learner clicks the audio volume button or the restart button. It is semi-consistent (not 100%) on which audio files will not play. Troubleshooting info...

  1. Audio works in Preview
  2. Audio works in SCORM Cloud. (SCORM 1.2)
  3. Audio "breaks" in Chrome, Edge, and FireFox (but not consistently)
  4. We have tested 2 different computers
  5. We have tested 2 different 360 accounts
  6. We have tested a variety of files, including a super-simple 2 slide presentation
  7. And, for weird, there is a much, much higher chance of failure with music files than narration files.

For now, we are just placing this type of note on our reviews. 
NOTE: There is an issue with Articulate Review 360 today and you will not hear any audio on this slide. The audio will play fine in your [Blackboard/Absorb/Litmos] LMS.

Thanks in advance for any help! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Keith!

Thank you for all these details! It's hard to determine what the fix might be without seeing the project. Would you mind sharing the file with us? You can either share it in this discussion or use this secure upload link to share it with our team. We'll share our findings with you after reviewing and delete the project after troubleshooting. I'm eager to see what is causing the snag!

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