Comments Updates for Rise 360 Courses in Review 360

Sep 29, 2023

Hello!  Our team is developing more and more with Rise 360, but the experience our stakeholders have when reviewing these courses in Review 360 is very challenging.

Is there a way that comments can be docked in the Comments Panel to the section of the screen that it applies to?  When multiple comments are made, it is very challenging to see what section the comment applies to in the Review tab.  I'm aware that the Feedback tab screenshots where the comment was made, but this is not helpful for reviewers that do not have access to this tab.  If the tool had to ability to dock the comment with the area it applies to (Microsoft does this with Word comments, PowerPoint comments, etc.), this would make reviews and replies easier to navigate for all reviewers.

Some additional thoughts on the Comments Panel in Review 360...perhaps if the text were smaller, the panel wouldn't get so crowded as multiple comments come in.  The ability to collapse replies would also be helpful to clean up the area for reviewers.  Just some thoughts to improve the entire experience!

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Eric Santos

Hello Amanda!

Thanks for sharing that having the ability to dock the Review 360 comment with the area it applies to would be helpful for you. We have a similar request, and I've added your voice to it.

The ability to collapse replies is also a good suggestion! They're not currently on our feature roadmap, but I'll be sure to update this discussion if our team decides to reroute.

bylittle learning

We know: that feature could be handy. We take screenshots of the specific area to comment on and try to guide our developer as best as possible. 

Everything you say is completely true, Amanda. It makes the experience a little cluttered to work on. Hope the Articulate team can add this to their feature roadmap!