Content published to 360 Review not playing after 30 days

Jun 02, 2018

I am working on a sizable project with 23 modules across 4 courses and am using Review to collect client feedback. Modules published more than a month ago are no longer playing on Review. However, content published up to 32 days ago still plays perfectly. 

All of the collected feedback still shows on each module, but none of the older modules play. Currently, I have 11 modules published, each 5-8 minutes long, and 6 of them won't play. 

Is there a time-limit or data limit for content published to Articulate 360 Review? Or is something else interfering with playback of the older modules? 

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Everest CS. Eek, sounds like a jam on those older courses.  I'm betting you still have some feedback you'd like to resolve on those.

The biggest change in the industry was the introduction of some browsers' media autoplay policies.  We've made some updates on our end to make sure that your output will comply.  It's possible, if you have audio or video on the first slide of those courses, that you're running into an issue there.

Do you have a Share URL that you can leave here for me to have a look?  I'll test and see if I can reproduce the courses not playing in different browsers.  If it isn't the autoplay issue, perhaps we can nail down the culprit together!

Empathos Resources

I too am having this issue. I'm keeping a running Google Sheets doc with Review links that the client can access, and the links work at first, then don't work some days or weeks later. It even seems as if you can play the Review link once in one browser, then need to change browsers to get the link to work. Otherwise the player comes up but content is grayed out, and play button is non-functional (see attached). My client is frustrated and so am I. Do I need to repeatedly publish course modules in Review for client comments...but then I lose former comments they've made, correct? Any help is much appreciated.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Empathos,

I didn't find anything attached here, but I'd like to take a look at one of your links and test it out to see if I can experience the same issue you've been plagued by. 

You can publish to Review and create multiple versions, but you shouldn't need to do that to continuously capture comments on something you already published. 

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