Hosting content on Articulate Review?

Dec 15, 2016

If we have a course that doesn't need LMS tracking, is it permissable just to host it on Articulate Review? I don't have any plans to do so at the moment, but I can see it possibly coming up. 

Similarly, for certain situations would it be possible for us to include text at the top of the page that warns people that this is not the official location of the training? I'm worried that some people might take a course outside of the LMS at the review link (that was forwarded by a SME for example) and think they got credit.

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Emily Ruby

Hi Will,

Review is not intended to host the content. It is a tool for collaboration with Stakeholders. Just a way to share the courses easily for review, and allow comments to be made. As far as text stating this is not official training, you could put an extra first slide in the course stating something like this. So when they start to review, they are warned.

If you do not need LMS tracking, you could publish to Web and use a web server, or publish to CD and share via email. 

Let me know if you need anything further!

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