New in Review 360: Team Folders

Aug 22, 2023

We're ecstatic to launch Review 360 team folders for Articulate 360 teams. Now any seatholder can manage and publish new versions of the same Review 360 items, making it easier than ever to collaborate on multiple projects.

When you launch the Review 360 dashboard, you'll see three main sections in the sidebar: Private, Team, and Deleted Items.

After you publish your content to Review 360, you'll find it in the Private directory. When you're ready to share it, move it to the Team directory, where every team member can access it. 

Want to share your content with only a few people? No problem! Create a folder under the Team directory, give it a name, then select who you want to share it with. If "Everyone" shows as an editor, hover over it and click the trash icon to remove it.

Creating a new team folder

Once your content is in the Team directory, members with access will see it listed when publishing a new version of an existing item to Review 360.

If you’re an Articulate 360 teams subscriber, you can access this new feature immediately in Review 360. And if you don’t have Articulate 360 but want to try out this feature, you can start a free 30-day trial. For more detailed information about this feature, check out our user guide: Review 360: Share Items with Team Folders.

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Ruth Christiansen

Today I created a team folder in Review 360. I added 2 of my teammates and gave them edit access. but they only access to the course they seem to have is review access. No ability to edit or publish. Unless I did something wrong when setting up the folder, or adding them. 


Could use some help on this one. We are very excited about what the team folders purport to be.

Eric Santos

Hello Ruth!

You're on the right track, giving your teammates editor access; they can edit the course and publish a new version of the Review item.

Review editors need to open the course from the source authoring app, such as Storyline 360 or Rise 360. So, if it was a Storyline project, they need to open the *.story file used to publish the Review item. If it was Rise 360, they need to go to the Rise dashboard and open the course from there.

If you see something different, please let me know!

Eric Santos

I'm sorry for the trouble, Mata! I appreciate you sharing that these features will be helpful for you.

  • Drag and Drop Review Items into Review Teams Folder
  • Select All function in Review 360

They're not currently on our feature roadmap, but I'll be sure to update this discussion if our team decides to reroute.

Mata Henry

Thank you.

I know I'm talking now of Rise here and not Review, but if we could be able to have a similar thing - the teams folder - in Rise, that would make my job so much easier. We have 600+ onlines and a new team, so I have to share all 600+ onlines with each new member (6 new team member emails). I have to do this for . every . single . course. Thats adding an email address 3600 times... 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Amanda, 

Thanks for reaching out!

The notifications will only get sent to the owner of the course, so if you have a co-author who publishes a new version of an existing course that you own and someone leaves a comment, only the owner will get notified. Notifications for team folders are currently not available. 

Hi Sharon,

Simply put, a co-author is someone you invite to work on content that you've place inside Team Folders. Co-authors aren't restricted to Rise 360 as they can also work on any course that can be published to Review 360, and they're called co-authors because multiple users can now publish to a single Review 360 item which was previously not a feature that was available. More information on this here: 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Sharon Blanchard

Thanks for the reply, Joe. I think I'm missing a step because I cannot publish a new review for a Rise 360 course unless I'm assigned a manager role in the course. I found this in the Q&A:

As a folder editor, I can publish new versions of Rise 360 content in team folders, even if I'm not a course/microlearning manager in Rise 360. Is this expected?

Yes, any seatholder in the same subscription with editor access to the Rise 360 item in Review 360 can publish a new version. This may include content on which you aren't assigned a collaborator role. Assigned collaborator roles in Rise 360 control who can publish the course or microlearning to Review 360. Assigned folder permissions in Review 360 team folders control who can publish new versions of the items in the folder.
Note: When publishing a new version from Rise 360, you can select any content to which you have editor permissions in Review 360. Let us know how this works for your organization.

How does a Rise 360 course get editor access in Review 360? I don't see a way to move the Rise folder into the Review team's folder. Can you please help me identify what steps I'm missing? Thank you!


Jose Tansengco

Hi Sharon, 

If you'd like to move a Rise 360 course that you published to Review 360 to a team folder, you can do so by clicking here: 

This option will being up a window where you can select which folder to transfer the course to. If you're not seeing this option, or if you're still having difficulties moving the content to a team folder, would you mind making a Peek 360 recording of what you're seeing so we can get better assist you?

Lia Lee

Hi Team Folder product team, just for clarification: who is included in or defined as "everyone" in the "Everyone Group"? Specifically in my case, we have a L&D team that's a part of a broader enterprise team (license umbrella). If I create a team folder for our team, would it become visible to the entire enterprise since "Everyone" is auto-selected at this time?

Steven Benassi

Hi Lia!

Thanks for reaching out!

Would you mind clarifying what you mean by a 'license umbrella'? The 'Everyone Group' includes all individuals who are part of a single subscription.

If you want to share content with only certain people, create a folder under the Team directory, give it a name, and then select who you want to share it with. If "Everyone" shows as an editor, hover over it and click the trash icon to remove it.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Esther Eccleston

I'm struggling to fully understand the benefit of this enhancement for Storyline users. Nowhere does it state that this is only for RISE courses. However, since the ability to collaborate on a Storyline file is not available am I correct that this really is only a RISE benefit? We use both but author most often in Storyline and just want to be sure I'm not missing something with this benefit as it sounds super helpful!

Jose Tansengco

Hello Esther, 

This new feature will work for Storyline 360 users as well, but you'll need to share your project file with other authors so they can work on the file and publish to a single Review 360 course. You can use the new Cloud Backup feature if you would like to quickly share a copy of the file that you're working on with other team mates. 

When your team mates are ready to publish your Storyline 360 course, they'll have the option of publishing to existing items that have been placed inside Team Folders, similar to what is shown in the screenshots:

Let me know if you have any questions!


Jackie Bartus

Our team is still new to using the Team Folders functionality.  We tested it today, and after my colleague moved an existing Rise course in Review (that had been reviewed by the SME with feedback) to a Team folder,  I was able to publish a new version of the same Rise course however the SME comments disappeared.  Is this expected behavior?  I believe she just 'moved' the Review item to the team folder (rather than make a new version).

Jose Tansengco

Hello Jackie, 

Happy to help!

I did a test with a colleague using a shared course in Review 360 and I can confirm that comments should not be deleted when a new version of a course is published. If the comments weren't manually deleted by your SMEs, check to see is some of the comments were marked as resolved. 


If the comments weren't deleted, please open a case with our support team here so we can investigate what caused your comments to disappear.