New in Review 360: Team Folders

Aug 22, 2023

We're ecstatic to launch Review 360 team folders for Articulate 360 teams. Now any seatholder can manage and publish new versions of the same Review 360 items, making it easier than ever to collaborate on multiple projects.

When you launch the Review 360 dashboard, you'll see three main sections in the sidebar: Private, Team, and Deleted Items.

After you publish your content to Review 360, you'll find it in the Private directory. When you're ready to share it, move it to the Team directory, where every team member can access it. 

Want to share your content with only a few people? No problem! Create a folder under the Team directory, give it a name, then select who you want to share it with. If "Everyone" shows as an editor, hover over it and click the trash icon to remove it.

Creating a new team folder

Once your content is in the Team directory, members with access will see it listed when publishing a new version of an existing item to Review 360.

If you’re an Articulate 360 teams subscriber, you can access this new feature immediately in Review 360. And if you don’t have Articulate 360 but want to try out this feature, you can start a free 30-day trial. For more detailed information about this feature, check out our user guide: Review 360: Share Items with Team Folders.

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Maren West

Is the only group option still everybody? When can we expect the option to add subgroups? I work for a large organization that has Articulate License holders across several departments and would like to share content with only my department without adding 18 people to 20+ folders individually.

Jackie Bartus

A colleague and I are collaborating on several Rise courses.  She is the original owner and I am a manager on all the courses.  

This morning I needed to publish a new version of a course for SME review.  But even though I got the 'successfully published' notification, the Review version of the course was nowhere to be found - not in my dashboard, not in my colleague's dashboard and not in any of the Team folders we created in Review.  

However, once she published the Rise course for the first time and moved it into the Team Review folder, I was able to see it and also publish updated versions going forward.

It would be very helpful if the ability to publish to the Teams Review folders was available for anyone listed as a manager without the course owner having to be the first.  If this already is a feature, please let me know what I was doing wrong.  Collaboration would be even easier if course managers/owners had full permissions to publish, especially if the course owner is out of the office.  


Pete Brown


I'm looking for a couple of clarifications on this feature.

Before this feature, it could be awkward if person 'A' published something on review, then left the organisation or had their Articulate Teams account transferred to another team member. In this kind of situation, the Review item(s) created by them could get lost or go into limbo.

Am I correct in thinking that if Review item(s) created by person 'A' were in a shared Teams folder, and person 'B' and person 'C' were assigned to that folder as Editor collaborators that the review item(s) would still be accessible to person 'B' and 'C' and all reviewer comments etc maintained even if person 'A's account was removed/reassigned

Also, I can't readily see whether a team member who didn't create the Shared Teams folder can be made the owner or not. Is that possible, and if so, how?

Thanks for any clarification on these points you can provide.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Pete!

Great questions! I’m reading two questions from your post:

  1. What happens to review items and comments if the owner is removed or reassigned?
    1. When you remove someone from your team, you must transfer all their shared content to another member to complete the process. Included in this content are review items with their comments. 
  2. Can you change the owner of a Shared folder?
    1. You can transfer ownership when removing the owner from the team subscription and selecting a new team member as the owner.

Did I interpret those correctly? If not, please let me know! 

Pete Brown

Thanks, Lauren. I think you've answered the questions.


It sounds like both queries were addressed by the fact that when the person who either owned/setup the review items is removed from the team, that the site administrator gets to nominate another active team member. That new nominated team member will seamlessly adopt the items from the removed member.

That sound about right?

Jose Tansengco

Hello Julie,

Happy to help!

The Team Folders (Beta) feature is only available to users who are part of an Articulate 360 Teams subscription. As per checking, you are currently subscribed to an individual subscription which is why you aren't seeing the option to use Team Folders. 

Let us know if you'd like to upgrade to a Teams subscription and we'll be glad to help point you in the right direction!