Reassigning ownership of Review courses to other team members

Jul 19, 2018


I just wondered if there was a way to transfer ownership of courses published in review to other team members, the same way you can for a Rise course. 



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Special Cargo Developer

Many companies start with 1 account. Then find they are expanding more and decide to move to teams accounts. The huge portfolio of the one account became too much to maintain an overview. That's why transferring the online content (Rise) + the review content (Rise + Storyline) would be a logical step. I hope this will be implemented very soon now. Can you give us an update? or maybe a perspective?

Ajay Johnson

+1ing this. 

Just to be crystal clear, Collaborative authoring and QA doesn't end with completing an iteration of an course it ends with education product being launched.  Review is a critical integral part of it

As such this is a critical aspect of how ID managers and Multidisciplinary ID teams use this product. Its very hard to transfer review comments to be implemented by another ID. While its understandable and difficult to implement desktop to be collaborative, I don't understand how or why review 360 feedback cant be shared to team members.