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Jan 13, 2017


I just received my first set of feedback from my client and:

  1. I don't seem to be able to see the slide number, I just have to guess which one it is from the screenshot, right?
  2. From the Review tab I can't navigate to other feedback using the 360 interface, I can only do it from the menu in my course (I created a custom one). Does that mean that if I had no menu and a locked navigation I would have to go through all the slides one by one to see the feedback?
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Justin Grenier

Thanks for the thoughtful input, Helene!

  1. On the Feedback tab, you can sort reviewer feedback by slide order or by feedback time.  Slide titles are included there to help you find which slide you're viewing.
  2. Again, the Feedback tab is your navigation shortcut to seeing all of your feedback, wherever and whenever it came from.  You'll never need to wait on the Review tab for a locked/restricted navigation course to see the feedback you're seeking.

Does this help?  Please let us know what else you need!

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