Team capabilities in Articulate Review?

Mar 07, 2018

Hi all

Just wondering if this is in the works, and will be possible anytime soon...and if anyone else out there shares the same desire to see these features?

The Articulate 360 Teams concept makes lots of sense, and Articulate Review is a terrific step forward in simplifying the project development it would be great if you could marry the two together, and extend the team account concept/capability to Articulate Review.

The Teams idea is predicated on the idea that multiple folks may be involved on particular projects, and as such, quick & convenient access to all review comments by relevant team members is major convenience . With this in mind, I love to see the following: 

  • As part of the process of posting a project for review, we should be able to select other team members who will then have immediate access (instead of having to email a link to each person, in addition to the client).
  • Any team member associated with the project should receive the emails indicating new comments posted to Review for that project.  This prevents the current potential for bottlenecks on a project, whereby the account owner is the only one to receive these update emails. If they are away (or miss the email)progress can easily come to a halt, as other team members are unaware that new comments are posted, unless they are continuously checking.
  • Also, as I've seen posted here previously, the ability to organize projects in Review into folders would be a Godsend. With numerous projects, each involving potentially dozens of modules, the site gets enormously cluttered. Scrolling thru all of the projects can be brutal, as there is currently no means to sort these projects (which would also be a nice feature...sort by date, alphabetically, etc.)
  • Lastly, as I mentioned this in a previous post, the ability to archive projects would also greatly improve the organizational aspect of the site, enabling us to keep the site cleaned up, without have to completely delete projects that we may need to refer to later.

Thanks for a great product, and continuously looking to improve...hopefully these suggestions are helpful.

Cheers, Dave

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Dave Chace

Hi Lauren
I'm not sure if you're new to the Articulate team, however I'd strongly suggest reading this entire thread before offering the typical, canned response. I started this thread nearly 5 YEARS AGO...and still, despite the occasional cheery response from Articulate staff making hollow promises that are never fulfilled, we have not see ANY progress.  Reading this thread will (hopefully) alert you to the mounting frustration and annoyance of your user base.  What you see here is just a small short, a lot of people a very mad at how lousy a job Articulate does at addressing updates and improvements. And now you have the nerve to increase prices, despite barely improving the product, and still not addressing desperately needed updates.  Please save us the energy of platitudes, and tell Lucy Sauros and others that your customers are pissed off, and it's time to do something.