Attachment Block - Now Available!

Hey Everyone,

You asked for it so we built it - the all new Attachment Block. It makes it super easy to add attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, or any filetype) to your Rise courses.

Check out this video (recorded with Peek and hosted on Articulate Review, of course.)





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Alex Miller

I need this feature to link to documents stored in a content repository, and to be able to rename the file name.

We have multiple Rise objects that might link to the same file, if that file gets updated, I need to know that this change is going to filter through to all locations where it is embedded

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alex,

What are you using as a content repository? Is it drive that could be shared with users given certain permissions?

If so, you could use an Embed/URL block to either link to or embed the repository right within a Rise blocks lesson. That way, any files you change or update in the repository will be automatically accessible in the Rise course. 

David Tait
Michelle Allan

This is a very exciting and useful addition, but why can't we choose the title to display? File names for the web normally don't have any spaces and aren't always easy to read in that format, even with dashes or underscores. In fact, when you upload a document called something like ''Document.docx’, you download a file called something like ‘wnjrnr4w_9C78w8h-document.docx’, which is a very long and unclear file name.

I'd find it helpful if we could rename the display title of the documents too.

Wout Verhoeven

Hi all, 

Is this also possible in SL3? I know that I can upload documents in the resources tab from the player. But I am using an 'empty' player and have a resources layer in the module itself where I want learners to click on the PDF icon for instant download (not hyperlink). Any ideas? 

thanks in advance!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Wout,

If you're looking at adding Resources onto a slide in Storyline, you can still use the Resource tab to make this a bit easier. You'll want to follow the steps here to add the files to your Resource tab and then you can create links to the files on individual slides. 

The Resource tab will need to be enabled only on one slide in the course to generate that folder in your output. So you can also set that to appear on one slide within the slide properties by using the "custom player settings" and learners never need to see that slide if you don't add triggers to direct anyone there. 

If you need a PDF icon, check out some of the downloadable assets we've shared here in the E-Learning Heroes community!  

Carmen Gonzalez

This is an awesome addition and we are enjoying being able to incorporate it into our courses. What we are wondering isif there is a way to make the attachment (into a homework assignment) something we grade / track without taxing the client by requiring them to use Articulate Storyline (storyline blocks) or an outside uploading and tracking portal (Litmos / Canvas / Blackboard)? This would put the icing on this cake :D Thanks for all you do.

Monarch Media

Hi, this feature is very helpful, however it doesn't appear to support Numbers files ('.numbers' extensions).  When I try uploading them they show up as code in the attachment field.  I can do the zip upload, but the goal was to allow users to open the file on their phone.  Any recommendations on how to add those?

Allison LaMotte

Hi there,

I'm sorry you've run into an issue here. Thanks for reaching out to us and letting us know about it. It looks like another user reported this to us as well, so it's on our radar. I'll share any updates with you here.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!