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Lieve Horemans


It didn't work. As soon as I upload the course to our LMS, de filename
changes again on download.

*Lieve Horemans*

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Op ma 28 okt. 2019 om 22:52 schreef E-Learning Heroes :

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> *Alyssa Gomez replied:*
> Hi Lieve!
> You only need to re-attach the document in the Attachment Block, then
> re-publish the course. Test the file download again, and you should not see
> extra characters added to the file name.
> Let me know how it goes!
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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vincent,

Rise 360 doesn't track file downloads. Do you need to be sure learners download a file before moving on? 

Try adding a checkbox list with a restricted continue button below the attachment. Learners can check the box to confirm they downloaded the file, then the continue button will activate. 

Other folks in the community may have more ideas to share, so I'll open the floor to them!

Azi Nilipour

Hi ... I have added attachments as PDF but my LMS does not like them and does not open them, so I use hyperlinks to those attachments and it is perfectly fine! Odd but works!
I am now wondering is it any way to hide the actual attachments?

Note, I know I could have hyperlinked to outside files but my LMS does not like that either :(

Anyone with a similar issue? or a better solution?