Can a "mailto:" link be used within Rise?

Feb 08, 2017

I'm currently testing out and learning rise.  In an introductory "lesson" we would like to show photos and contact info for staff. I would like to make the staff person's email address be a link that would open the learner's email app.  I tried editing the embed link function in rise, but no matter what, it automatically appends "http://" in front of the "mailto:" link.  Any help will be appreciated.


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Steve Flowers

Neat idea. Works for some things but doesn't work for this purpose, unfortunately.

I have a workaround for this and other customization to the page code. It's not as easy as using the editor but it's definitely still easy. 

1) Add your mailto: link as you would a hyperlink.

2) Once added, right-click the hyperlink and select Inspect (in Chrome -- or equivalent in other browsers)

You'll see something like this:

3) Right click the a href=" line containing your mailto link and select edit attribute. You'll now be able to remove the "http://" from the front of that link. Close your inspect window and the change should stick on your page.  Here it is after a page refresh following a client side edit. 

The environment updates to the server live based on what's in your blocks. Since the inspector modifies this directly, your changes bypass the way the editor works. This will also allow you to add complex structures such as tables. It doesn't work here because there looks to be a filter on anchor elements that automatically adds in an http:// prefix.

Steve Flowers

Hmm... Doing some more testing. This worked initially after inspecting on refresh but it seems to have reverted on publish and preview.


UPDATE: Works great for tables but the preview and publish are overwriting with http:// as a prefix for mailto: links as soon as you preview or publish.

Michelle Fougere

Hello. I'm wondering if there has been any developments/updates regarding email addresses in RISE. I used RISE on a project last year and it was well received in the field. I would like to use it to create an online manual/user guide but I'm reluctant to based on this issue. I would need to include a lot of email addresses in the document.

Nicole Legault

Hi Michelle!

No news on this but now you're subscribed to this discussion thread and if there's any news we'll post it here, and you'll receive an email notification. Thanks for lending your voice to this conversation! And keep in mind you can use email addresses on buttons in button stack blocks. Hope this helps!

Kathryn Raybould

Hi, I have just found this thread from a year ago because I also need to link to an email address. I notice that mailto: links are still not supported. I agree with the users above that this is basic functionality, and using 3rd parties to shorten the URL is not going to be acceptable to most companies, including the client I am working for currently. What is the progress with getting this feature added (/bug fixed!) please? I also agree that a contact form would work well, and would be a valuable feature, but at the very least we should be able to create mailto: links.