Embedding Rise output/link into Canvas LMS

Mar 01, 2017

Hello, I am new to Rise and Canvas and before progressing with the course build I need to know if these programs are compatible. Apparently Canvas is not SCORM or AICC compliant. I would prefer to have quiz results recorded in the LMS. Is this achievable? Thanks

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Amy Schuster

Does anyone have consistent results with Canvas recording a score by quiz? It works for like 80% of my students. The rest it is 0. Is there a setting I need to change? I have the same problem with Storyline and a few people  said to use tracking by slide, but I was hoping to grade by the actual quiz and have it give accurate results for all students.

Saeyoung Chang-Gagnon Ed.D.

I see that posted your helpful tips on how to launch a RISE course in Canvas.
I just joined a company that uses Canvas for our learning products. It is not the ideal platform, in my opinion, however, it is what we have until we switch next year. 
I am not quite following how you are putting "an outside link or in the rich text editor through an iframe." as you mentioned in your tip. Can you elaborate? Thank you so much. 

Christopher Santos

Hi Saeyoung,

Tim might not be subscribed to our community forum anymore since it's been a few years since his last post.

I checked the post you are referencing, and I believe what he means by this is that you will have to host your course in a web server, reference the URL pointing to this course in the web server and use an iframe code to embed it inside Canvas.

You'll need to reach out to Canvas support to confirm how this can be accomplished.  Others in the community may be able to chime in as well.