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Erin Walker

Hello, any updates on this request? An exit block perhaps?

We are officially launching our first rise course tomorrow. Long story short we had a 3 week turnaround to develop a required training that will have approximately 300K users.

On desktop and Android, there is no issue. However, the iOS App version of our LMS relies on a Exit button which will take them back to the home page in the app. Without an exit button, the user will have to be smart enough to close the app and clear it from memory, otherwise they will never be able to get out the course. 

The LMS administrator is concerned about the increase of those who will be calling the help center to get out of the course... Which is no bueno :(

Thank you for your consideration!

Ian Jaffe

Just wanted to add that this enhancement would be very welcome in our organization as well.

As Andrew mentioned high latency environments can be an issue and due to exactly this reason our LMS team actually has a requirement for our internal content that we include an exit button in all content.  We can get a waiver on a case by case basis, but any content that is required training is ineligible for this waiver.  So without an exit button we cannot deploy any required training to our internal LMS, which potentially limits our ability to use Rise in that environment.

Katie Lossner

+1 for a close button. 

I use SuccessFactors and so far in all of my tests, one, it's not intuitive that you're done with the course (based on other elearnings), but two, when I close the window, the course doesn't mark complete. I have to open it again and then close it again for the SCORM info to pass to the LMS. We'll have a ton of user issues if we try to deploy this in SuccessFactors. 

In Storyline, ALL of our courses are set to send the SCORM communication several slides before the end so that it has time to communicate before they click the close button. This doesn't seem to be an option in RISE. 

Steve Bunce

Oh so close...So I thought I had a workaround until the exit button arrives... I created a very raw "lesson". (see: https://rise.articulate.com/share/rGQCn5im1CLUJiTtlxwjosw31JR4KquS#/?_k=4eafa1) then use that URL in the button destination "link to web page" BUT I was not aware that changing the label text is a global attribute with Rise. Which brings up a different question regarding how Rise interacts with all courses. If I have clients requestion different labels...I would not be able to do so. Global settings make sense to me if it is within a particular grouping not across all Rise courses. So I quickly returned the labeling which affected the intent of "exit course" of course. ;)  Did I miss something?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Steve!

I have good news for you - Rise labels are specific to a course, not all Rise courses. Changes you make to text labels impact all your Rise courses that use the same label set.

So for example, if you edit the built-in English label set, every course that uses that label set with automatically get the same changes.

We recommend creating a new label set when you need to customize them so you won't accidentally change the labels in other Rise courses. (For reference only: Click here to download a complete list of default English text labels.)

Hope that helps! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi, all!

Great news! We pushed out the “Exit” button for Rise courses last night.

You can set buttons in block lessons to leave the course, or add an ever-present link when you export the course that lets learners return to an LMS.

I recorded a quick Peek video to show the two options for adding the Exit feature to your Rise course!

Hope that helps and keep us posted! 😁