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Shailesh Mewada

Thanks Zsolt, for sharing the awesome trick!

Dear All,

Unfortunately :( the Rise structure is changed and due to that the code is not working.

I have updated the existing JS file and it is working fine. 

The package is tested on SCORM Cloud and the completion is working fine.
But if there is any scenario where the user might not visit/view all the hidden lessons then the completion won't work as the course status won't reach to 100%. In that case custom completion have to be added.

--- Screenshot of main page before and after apply the code
--- SCORM package, extract and check the file under 'scormcontent' folder
--- Updated 'zsolt.js', kindly use this updated file
--- Of course the IDs will not be like '1,2,3 etc' but it will be the same which displays on rollover 
--- The navigation arrows are disabled in the package

Enjoy till the Rise structure get changed again :)

Articulate should provide this feature in the Rise authoring itself so that no any tweaks required like this.

Thank you.


Zsolt Olah

Hi Shailesh,

I just saw this post, thanks for taking on the updates! I also updated some of the code on my blog. For some reason now both /lessons/ and the /list/ format are used (which maybe a but maybe not). Normally, it's lessons in the URL but when you click on a button to go to a different branch the URL has the old list format... So, I updated to accommodate both of them.  

Zsolt Olah

For those who need the Rise module to send completion, even if the user hasn't gone through all the content (because it's hidden), there are a couple of workarounds:

- If you have a quiz, it can drive completion

- If you insert a Storyline block, that can drive completion. (Although, on mobile, the user has to click on the play button first to initiate the interaction with Storyline. )

- You can set the Rise content to send completion manually. Try this: http://bit.ly/2yeH613




Thank you for sharing this Zsolt.

I got this working on my module. However, when I land on the course, the landing page where we have the course description still shows the complete list of chapters. is there a way to hide this without hiding the full left sidebar? Is there something I missed?