Feature Requests and SCORM issues

I've created my first Rise course and exported it to SCORM 2004, 3rd edition; track using quiz result; Reporting Passed/Failed. This is how I export in Storyline 2 and it shows the Learner Response in the SCORM data when I do so (in SL2). However it doesn't show the learner response when exported from Rise. I've tried the other reporting options and still no joy. It's very important to me to have this data... can it be fixed?

Also, just a niggly thing, but can I add the SCORM description because right now every time I import something the description says, "A high level overview of the sport of golf. This course describes how to play golf, etc" (obviously my course is not about golf). So this must be something leftover from your developers.

In the Rise editing, there doesn't seem to be a way to do subscript or superscript. Most of my courses are science-based and this is something that's quite important to have (maybe there is a workaround?).

I've read other posts and would like to second some of the feature requests such as:

The adding of the quiz to blocks (these are not lessons, and it says annoyingly Lesson 1 of 2 in the navigation, as it is counting the quiz as a lesson). 

Adding an exit button, or a least being able to assign an exit to a button. Our LMS is famously bad at not recording scores when students leave open the course.

Quizzes- are you planning to add types other than only MCQ? Would really like to have multiple-response and short answer.

Overall, liking it so far. First lesson only took a little over an hour! But seriously I need the Learner data.



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Adam Schwartz

Thank you Veronica for the nice compliments on Rise.

We will look into the SCORM 2004 issues and get those fixed right away. Are you able to try SCORM 1.2 in the meantime?

I have added a feature request for super and sub script.

We are working on a text-label editor so you can change the word "Lesson" to something else. 

On exit button - we have a Button block type. If we could let you assign Exit to the buton, would that work?

Quizzes - we are evaluating other question types, yes. 



Veronica Volz

So I finished my course using blocks and had a few more suggestions:

The accordion needs to allow more characters in the 'Item' field. It cuts off after one line.

Sorting Activity: I liked using it for matching definitions, but it only allows 4. Is it possible to add more?

It would be super to be able to copy and paste blocks, quizzes, etc.

The scrolling is quite slow on iPad and iPhone (tried it in a few different wifi spots, btw) but I am viewing it through an LMS so this may be something to consider.

I'm still loving it! 

Adam Schwartz

Thanks Veronica.

Accordion does all for lots of characters in the Item field: https://cl.ly/433B3n1F3u2D  In the learner experience it will ellipse after one line when closed, but when open show all the content.

We only allow 4 categories in sorting because any more would break down on small devices.

You can duplicate blocks already. We are working on the ability to duplicate lessons.

Can you record a video of slow iPad / iPhone scrolling. It's always very fast for everyone who has seen it. Perhaps it is your LMS as you suggest.

Veronica Volz

Yes, I think it is the LMS. I shared just the Rise link to my devices and it was very speedy, no issues at all when viewed from the link and not through the LMS.

Thanks for the image link. I guess I'm just a little overzealous- I'm using the accordion in place of short answer questions/answers (the question is the item then they click the drop down to get the answer), but the question exceeds the one line in some cases. I realise this isn't what it was meant for; it's just my workaround because there are no short answer quiz questions yet.

James Landrigan

Hi Adam, I would like to second Veronicas request to show the full Item text on smaller screens. I am using the accordion for "Frequently Asked Questions" and having the questions cut off is taking away from the learner experience. Maybe you could have an option in editing to "Show full item text". Please help.

Veronica Volz

Hi James- I found a workaround that may help you:

Add a text block, bold, for the question. Then add the accordion with "Answer" as the item 1, and the answer text as the description. In my case I wanted them to interact to see the answer. At least then you can make the text "question" as long as you like.

Veronica Volz

Hi Mike

I've just tested it and it doesn't appear to be reporting the learner data (see attached). I am using SCORM 2004 3rd ed. passed/failed, which is the same I use from Storyline. Do I need to export it using Passed/Completed or another option? 



Justin Grenier

Veronica, I just want to verify that the problem you see is that Rise isn't communicating question-level detail to the LMS.  If so, I can reproduce that and we'll take a look at it ASAP.  I do see that Rise is sending completion/satisfaction status, as shown here.

Please let me know if I haven't captured the essence of the problem and we'll take another look.  Thanks!

Veronica Volz

Hi Justin, Yes, not communicating the learner data is the problem. Please see the difference in the attachments.

This is quite important for my work. I work with educators and to see which questions students got wrong, and which answers they selected, is invaluable. SCORM 2004 collects this data and I know that Storyline SCORM output is capable of delivering it. So I am quite eager to use Rise but am waiting for this all important feature to work.

Thanks ever so much! 

Justin Grenier

Veronica, I just spoke with our Rise engineers and learned that question-level details aren't yet built into our LMS output (I think we misunderstood your original question).  We still have lots of improvements to make in this area, and you'll get them as soon as they're ready.  We'll also keep this Forum Thread updated with any developments.  Thanks!

Veronica Volz

How very disappointing. Really, really sad to hear this. I thought I did my best explaining it and I had been waiting for this fix for weeks. It really should be considered and hopefully we won't have to wait long but based on your response it doesn't sound like it will happen very soon. Maybe Rustici could help? They're really nice guys. Also your engineers should read this: http://scorm.com/blog/2010/11/4-things-every-scorm-test-should-do-when-reporting-interactions/ 

Justin Grenier

Sorry for the delay in responding, Veronica.  I wanted to be sure that I could provide an accurate answer.

We're committed to communicating question-level detail to the LMS from Rise, but I can't promise a specific delivery date.  It's on the roadmap, and we'll update this Forum Thread when we have more information to share.

Thanks again.