Google Analytics at Page Level in Rise

May 18, 2017

Hi Guys

One of the benefits of using Rise is that we have been able to host training outside the LMS and embed links within products. This allows us to embed those links with software products and people are able to consume training easily.

However tracking goes for a toss since Google Analytics only works at an index.html level for now.

Is there a way we can see how much time is being spent on what topic in rise?

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Mata Henry

For SuccessFactors LMS users - I think its doubtful that SuccessFactors LMS integration with GA code is achievable because the course url links (required for GA tracking) is dynamically built when opened by a user. There's no course url per se. 
Would be most grateful if someone could prove me wrong!

Karl Muller

We don't use SuccessFactors, but our LMS works in exactly the same way.

As the LMS generates course URL's dynamically, we get zero GA data for our Rise courses. 

We only get data related to how students used the LMS, which is not what we want.

What we do find very useful is secondary GA data, such as Audience demographics, devices (computer, tablet. mobile), browsers used, operating Systems, device screen resolution, etc.

There is a lot of GA secondary data that is extremely useful.

Mata Henry

Admittedly, I need to go through another person who isn't familiar with front end or GA or scorm/web development, so I unfortunately get a few odd looks. Its difficult to also get any support elsewhere. Their KB has some information but can take hours of sifting through only to take you back to the start. 


Hello everyone,

I am digging this topic out.

I am wondering if some of you suceeded in tracking event on Rise module exported as Webpage with Google Analytics ? I've read all of your messages et it doesn't seem so clear.

Is it possible to track event like a click on a "Start quizz" button with GA? 

Thanks in advance for your support,

Have a great day,