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Crystal Horn

Hey everyone!  Thanks for sharing the impact this feature would have on you.  I can confirm that this feature is in progress.  We'll target an ETA as soon as we can!

Daniel, I don't want you to feel like you're holding your work up.  Does Annabelle's workaround help in the meantime?  She suggests creating a labeled graphic interaction in Storyline (you can use markers) and using the Storyline block in Rise.

Jeff Forrer

I could use the labeled graphic as well over and over in a block, for now I divide up the lessons between the two which is not ideal for user experience, but know it is being worked on :0)

How about the rest of the pre-built lessons?  It would be great if they all could be mixed together with blocks :0) Is that in the works? Thx.

Daniel Steinberg

Hi Ashley,

I think what most of us are wanting is a general idea as to when this will be available.  It makes a big difference to our work and planning if this is going to be available in the next month, 2 months, 4 months, or longer.  If you could give us a general idea I know I would really appreciate it.  Not asking for a hard date as I know that is almost impossible to give when dealing with software, but a general timeline will shape how I continue to use your product.

Thanks in advance!