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Dec 05, 2018


Firstly, Articulate recently implemented a small update to Rise. As a result, all new exports from Rise will need to include the most recent version of LearningJournal.js which is found at the usual link.

Secondly, at any time Articulate could update their code and bring a breaking change to the Learning Journal. Over a year ago, I shared this functionality freely with the community and the code comes with no warranty or support either implied or expressed. If at any time you want or need to remove the Learning Journal from your modules, simple remove any STATEMENT-NOTE entries that refer to the Learning Journal.

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I built a cool Learning Journal feature for Rise that has been very well-received. I thought I'd share it in case anyone wanted to a. use it or b. improve on it.


The Learning Journal allows the learner to enter text responses to journal prompts throughout a Rise course. At the end of the course, the learner can print their learning journal of all their responses. The responses are saved to the browser so that they persist on future visits to the Rise course.


EDIT May 2019: At the request of a member of the forum, I created a HOW-TO video below that shows each step of the HOW-TO document in action.


Example Rise Course

HOW-TO Document

HOW-TO Video


Learningjournal.js file (right-click and save)


Learningjournal.css file (right-click and save)

Project github site

I would love any feedback and help to improve the functionality and code.

Mike Amelang

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Marti Ahlquist

I'm working on a course where I've used the journal and all is working well, except that when I go to print the journal, the order of the entries is not according to the course. I've double checked and doubled check the formatting of the section header and can't see any problem. Any ideas for this. I'm attaching a copy of one of the journals. I've numbered the sections to help understand the order.

Mike Amelang


The Learning Journal currently queues the sections to be printed in the order that the sections were visited. Would it make sense to add a "Section Index:" line to the Section Intro which determines the order of printing? Or will that make the Section Intro less understandable to the learning designers?


Mike Amelang


Try this LearningJournal.js file. In each section, add a line "Section Order:" with the order number that you want the sections to appear in. Let me know how it works for you.

Edit: the above link now points to the master LearningJournal.js file because the functionality of ordering the sections has been folded into the master branch or version.


Aliki Tzioumis

Hi Mike,

This is such a great feature! I've used it in some modules I've developed on Rise, and it carries over to our LMS perfectly. I was wondering, is it possible to add a submit button (or submit trigger) for the learning journal text boxes? Our modules have quite a lot of lessons and if a user exits the course and comes back their answers disappear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Mike Amelang


I have added Firefox compatibility. Can you test the attached LearningJournal.js file to confirm?

Two notes:

1. Because of a bug in Firefox mobile, this does not work in Firefox Mobile.

2. This does not address your concern below about German labels.