Linking between lessons

Jul 23, 2018

I'd like to link other lessons in Rise. I see that the button block element supports linking to other lessons in the same course (via the Destination dropdown), but I also want to use hyperlinks in the text to link to other lessons. How can I get the relative URL so I can hyperlink?

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Devin Arbenz

This is exactly what I'm trying to do right now. My client wants to link the glossary terms (where they appear contextually, in-line in the course) to the glossary "lesson" at the end of the course. I wish there was a feature (or even a workaround) for this-- and I agree that this is absolutely essential. 

Oxford Learning
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Oxford REM Learning! Tell me more about your idea. Are you wanting to use the Storyline block as a sort of menu, with buttons that link to different lessons within the same Rise course?

Hi Alyssa, 

We have a process image right now that serves as an overview of the course. In testing, people were clicking individual process tiles in the image, expecting to be taken to the corresponding sections of the course. Feedback was given that it would be a neat feature.

Now, we were looking for ways to make that happen. Currently, only Buttons in Rise 360 have the Link to Section functionality, which is unfortunate, because I think just about every Interactive Block should be able to be used as a Link. 

Our solution was a way to build an interactive timeline in Storyline and import it into the Rise 360, but we still run into the issue of linking, and that we can't really link to individual Sections of a Rise 360 course, since those links are generated anew every time a Rise 360 course is published. 

Ideally, any Interactive Block, especially Cards or Process\Timeline should themselves be able to be used as a Link/Button. Same goes for most other Blocks, including Images. 

Maria Molvin

adding my voice to this request.  I'm working on a course in Rise with a lot of technical/legal vocabulary. While I have created a Glossary at the end of the course, the SMEs have asked me to also create links/pop-ups when the term is used for the first time (similar to a light box in storyline).  if that is already possible, please advise.  thank you!

Andrew Glennie

Hi People,

Loving the discussion here. These relate to a project I am developing.

In my project, the learner will being the learning which is based on a common topic, but each learner would follow a different path depending on where they work, branching back into common areas as they progress through the learning. Trying to avoid having a separate course for each work group.

I anticipate that once the learner has followed their work specific path, the course won't show as completed because there are parts of the learning that won't be accessed.

I think in Storyline, I can use java to force a "Completed" command to the LMS, but I'm wondering if the existing button option "Exit the course (LMS Only)" would be sufficient.



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Andrew. You have a couple options depending on your course design:

  • Track completion based on number of lessons viewed:
    Do each of the paths require about the same number of lessons? When you export your course for LMS, you can choose what percentage of the course has to be viewed in order to be marked as complete. If you use the lowest common required lesson count, your learners should get marked as complete as they finish viewing their unique paths.
  • Track completion based on a Storyline block:
    Do all of the paths end on the same lesson, i.e. a summary lesson? If so, you could use a Storyline block with a completion trigger to signal completion. When you export your course, choose to track by your Storyline block.

The exit course link at the top on its own won't mark the course complete. Depending on the LMS, it will close the course and return the learner to the LMS page where they should see whether they completed the course based on your requirements.

Laurie Smith

I just started using Rise. Agree with the comments above - it would be really helpful if we could have a similar choice option (like there is for buttons) when hyperlinking text.

I like the buttons block, but there are definitely scenarios where I want to link to another lesson from within a paragraph/line of text or when I have more than a few lessons I want to link, it would be nice to have other options instead of a wall of buttons. Bookmarking/anchoring to specific content/block lower in a lesson or to a specific portion/block of another would be a plus too.