Making Survey Monkey work with RISE?

Oct 02, 2018

Hello all,

I am after a little help please. 

Within one of  my RISE courses, I have embedded a link to a Survey Monkey questionnaire. The learner simply clicks on the Start Survey button in Rise and the button is linked to the Survey Monkey URL, taking the learner out of Rise and to the first page of the Survey Monkey questionnaire. This works beautifully. 

My challenge is forcing the learner to return to a different page within the Rise course after they have completed the Survey Monkey questionnaire. I would like them to return to a new page in Rise that says something along the lines of 'Thank you for completing the survey, click here to continue with the course'. Is this possible? Survey Monkey allows me to enter a URL at the end of the survey for learners to click but I am unsure whether I can add the URL of a specific page within a Rise course? Maybe my only option is for the learner to return to the same Rise page from which they left (which will still show the Start Survey button) - not ideal. 

Any help gratefully received!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alex!  Great question.  The answer will come down to whether you're hosting your course in an LMS.

In an LMS, it'll be much harder to control where the learner returns.  Typically, you won't have a clear URL for each lesson.  If you were to use the Share URL to distribute your course instead, you'd see that each lesson has a unique URL.  It may be the same setup if you were to export your content for web.

I would guess that the Survey Monkey redirect would open a new browser window, or at least a new tab, so your user would have multiple instances of the course open.  Could you instead embed your survey directly in Rise?  

Alex Bradley

Hi Crystal, 

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes I will be hosting the course in an LMS so that does add another layer of challenge as you say!

I like the embed idea, it seems neater to keep learners inside the Rise course rather than send them away and have them return. However, i really want to make the survey monkey questionnaire a mandatory activity before the learners get access to their course completion certificate. As far as I know, there is no way to make an embedded activity mandatory? Learners could simply skip over it, if they chose to, to get access to their certificate?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Alex,

You're right about that! There isn't a way to make an embedded survey mandatory. However, I wonder if you could increase engagement simply by putting a knowledge check question below the embedded survey, like this:

The survey above is mandatory. Did you complete the survey?

○ Yes

○ No

Also, we've heard lots of feedback from the community about adding a survey tool directly into Rise. I'll let our team know there's another vote for that feature!

Alex Bradley

Thanks for your reply Alyssa. I like your idea about the knowledge check question. It got me thinking that maybe I could put a code / word at the very end of the Survey Monkey questionnaire and then rather than a  'The survey is mandatory, did you complete the survey?' type question, I could ask the learners to type in the code/ word that appeared at the end of the survey to continue.

However, currently, I don't think there is an option in Rise to halt the progress of a learner until they answer a question right is there? The current knowledge check questions can be gotten wrong by a leaner but they can still move on through the course? Unless I use the quiz option which would work but would appear a little clunky as it would involve the learners having to complete a 1 question quiz & using the retry option if they don't get it right. 

I wonder if i could custom-build something in Storyline and drop it into Rise? Something that halts the learners' progress until they answer a question right or type in the correct code. Would this be possible?

I appreciate your help with this.


Alyssa Gomez

Brilliant idea, Alex! 💡 Yes, you could absolutely build this kind of interaction in Storyline and embed it in Rise using a Storyline Block. 

And to prevent the learner from moving forward in the Rise course until they get the correct answer in the Storyline Block, use a "complete course trigger" in Storyline. This article has all the deets. 

If you need any help with the Storyline portion, let me know! Just send me what you have going so far, and I'll take it from there. 

Alex Bradley

Hello, finally got around to looking at this and I think I have cracked it. I embedded a survey monkey questionnaire into Rise and added a 'code' at the end of it only visible to learners when they have completed the questionnaire. The learners then have to enter the code to gain access to their course completion certificate. (I used a graded question storyline block for this). It's not a perfectly eloquent solution but it does the job! See an example here:  

Poul David Rasmussen

Crystal:  I'm about to launch my first course in Rise 360.  The boss wants a way to track and we have a corporate Survey Monkey account to which I have access.  We are not using our LMS for this project.

I'd like to embed the survey like you did.  But when I generate the script from survey monkey and paste it in, Rise tells me to enter a valid URL or iFrame.  (see attachment on the script I'm generating from Survey Monkey.  What am I missing?

Crystal Horn

Hello Poul! Thanks for sharing the embed code you're using. When embedding content in Rise 360, you'll want to make sure you're using iframe tags around the code, or just use the URL.

In my above example, this is the embed code I used after generating a web link "collector" in SurveyMonkey:

<iframe src="" ></iframe>

The website collector provides html code you can add to a web page, but Rise 360 is looking for an embed code or URL. Let me know if that helps!

Poul David Rasmussen

Crystal:  This seems to have worked perfectly--except I have to see if I can get my company to pay to clean up the ending which invites the employee to "create their own survey" (not good).

Anyways, thank you for you help.  By the way, I was late in responding here because I was expecting an email notification from this forum and did not see it.  Is there a setting I need for forum notifications?