NEW in Rise: Export for Translation

If you need to create courses in multiple languages, you’re going to love this new Rise feature. It allows you to export your course text to an XLIFF file* and then reimport it once it’s been translated. Like magic: all your text is replaced by the translated text. It’s that easy!

NEW in Rise: Export for Translation
*XLIFF files are a translation industry standard, so if you’re working with professional translators, then you shouldn’t have any issues. But what if the translations are being done by a fellow coworker or friend? No problem! If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find a ton of free tools that allow you to easily edit XLIFF files.


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sven Ringger

Thank you for your proposal, Articulate should, again, enjoy the fact that they can thus escape their duty to solve the problem... But it's not a solution for us. We have projects in between 10 and 20 languages each, with hundreds of files to process. I don't want to be dependent on a third party service, we paid Articulate to have a product that works!

Justin Grenier

Hello, everyone.

Thanks for weighing in to let us know how important it is for us to get XLIFF translation right in Rise. We hear you, and we understand this is impacting you. Our team will be reaching out to each of you directly to schedule some focused time to get your feedback on the best way to fix this.

Just one clarification here - Jeff is not working with our team on this. I want to be clear in case folks think he’s acting on behalf of Articulate.

You'll hear directly from our team today.

raymond seguin

Hi, I am using a trial version of Rise and intended to purchase. However, this "easy translation" feature that was of great appeal to us seems to be flawed and buggy, requiring a third-party to help resolve. Before sending a .xlf file to translators, I tested an output, then direct import (no changes to the file) and received the same error message as above. Obviously, there is an issue on the Rise side.