New Rise Feature - Cover Photos

Hey All - we just pushed a new feature to Rise called Cover Photos. 

With cover photos, you can customize the look of your course with a photographic cover. Upload your own image or easily search from an extensive library of gorgeous, royalty-free photographs.

Check it out, it's awesome:

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Justin Grenier

Hey Todd, if you'll take a look at Adam's video from above, he elaborates a bit about responsive images, the recommendation to avoid images that require an exact cropping, and our suggestion to focus on a conceptual scene.  This starts around the 2:35 mark in his video.

Hope this helps!

Todd Haynes

Thx for the feedback. However, my employer wants a prominent logo on the homescreen when a Rise course launches. I'm trying to place the logo in the Cover Photo, but it moves around and gets cut off depending on the responsive resizing. The "logo" feature in the Settings we're finding inadequate. That resizes my logo down to 150x40 which is WAY too small. It would be very nice to place a "block" on the homescreen - that way we can customize it, make it look more sophisticated, add images, provide a list of instructions, etc.

Charles Thompson
Molly Brown

When I go to browse cover photos, the image preview does not appear. I believe this just started happening today. I am using Google Chrome, but also checked it on Internet Explorer. Am I the only one having this problem? I've only created one course, but it is not exhibiting that behavior. Anyone else?