New Rise Feature - Knowledge Check Block

You all asked for it and now it's here - Knowledge Check block. 

Check out the Peek video here describing the feature.

For this first release we are starting with Multiple Choice question types. We will be adding more question types to blocks and in quizzes next year. 


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Crystal Horn

Great questions, Ellen! 

  1. Use a continue block beneath your knowledge checks to require that learners complete them.
  2. You can have several quizzes in your Rise 360 course. When you export for LMS, you'll choose a single quiz to report scoring and quiz data to the LMS.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Karl Muller

The Continue block has three completion type settings:

  1. None (always show button) means learners simply need to click the button to continue. There are no other requirements. The remaining content will be displayed on clicking Continue.
  2. Complete Block Directly Above means learners must complete the interaction immediately above the Continue block.
  3. Complete All Blocks Above means learners must complete all interactions above the Continue block to proceed.

It sounds like you are using 1. None. Try the second setting.