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Nigel Lippett

Hi Mark, 
Do a quick test on Docebo or Scorm Cloud LMS's.  If it runs fine on those then its a LifterLMS issue and I suggest raising a ticket there.  If not its a Rise issue and raise a ticket with Articulate.  This will allow each company to focus on their respective strengths and hopefully save you time in the long run.


Aida Debibi


I have a issue with the scorm Rise course in TalentSoft.

I've tested: scorm1.2, scorm 2004, AICC it works for the first time. But when I replay the Rise course does not work, I have an empty page.
and when I run TinCan, the Rise course does not start, I have a JS file that downloads

I tested the RISE course on the scormCloud, it works very well.

Have you any solution to run a Rise course in TalentSoft ?
Are you solved the problem ? Is there a change in the code after exporting a scorm ?

Thanks !

Eleftheria Papatheodorou

Hi Aida,


I am Eleftheria from TalentLMS! 

Have you contacted our support team regarding this issue you are describing? 

If you haven't already, please send a support request through your portal and we will get back to you asap.

Please note that TalentLMS supports SCORM 1.2 and TinCan format.



Oliver Pincus

If I launch Storyline content with a link like http://.../story_html5.html?endpoint=...&auth=Basic... &actor=…&registration=… there is a connection to the LRS and Storyline sends statements to the Learning Record Store.

I exported a xAPI package from RISE and tried a link like http://../rise/xapitest/scormcontent/index.html?endpoint=...&auth=Basic... &actor=…&registration=… - but the RISE content does not open in my browser.

Can I launch RISE content without a LMS using a link similar to the one that works for Storyline?

Charles Green

I'm testing the publish  xAPI with the SumTotal Learn 17.2 LMS. It captures the completion data like date/time etc but there is no interactive data. For example I can add a YouTube video using xAPI and not only get completion data but interactive data, like when the video was abandoned and relaunched etc. I'm getting no detail from my Rise module. Should I be?

Before I go back to SumTotal I wanted to verify that there are statements and statuses in RISE published xAPI files that I should be receiving.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Charles.  Currently, Rise is sending information about attempting and completing the content, but not answer or activity details.

We are working toward including question-level detail in LMS reporting in Rise.  I'll add this post to that documentation so we can give you an update on the progress toward that feature!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erick,

Are you seeing a particular error message? If so, could you share that here with us? We did release an update to Rise last week that was specific to Tin Can API, so that may be connected to what you're experiencing. Knowing a bit more about that error message would help us track it down! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erick,

What LMS are you using? Have you also tested it at SCORM Cloud? I was able to successfully upload a sample Rise course there that I exported with Tin Can API - so I'd want to know if your version also works there. If not, perhaps something is occurring as a part of the export/saving process?

If it does work at SCORM Cloud, you'll want to reach out to your LMS admin about the course and how you should upload it to work correctly.

Cass Netzley
Crystal Horn


We are working toward including question-level detail in LMS reporting in Rise.  I'll add this post to that documentation so we can give you an update on the progress toward that feature!

Any traction/progress on the 'question-level detail in LMS reporting in Rise' w/ TinCan exports? Is this on a roadmap and/or slated for a particular quarter to be released?

Thank you for your time and insight!


Matthew Neumann

I am at an important time, launching content in my LITMOS LMS.  I see that scorm still has the reporting advantage of passed/incomplete, failed, complete/incomplete complete failed when exporting.

I noticed this has been on the road map for 11 months, if I want that reporting, should I export in 1.2? I would prefer to use the latest api.

Brian Dusablon
Philippe Siwinski

Hi Heroes, does anyone know how to see the (blocks) activity name in the LRS instead of some part of the id ? Thanks

Without editing post-publish to change the IDs yourself, I don't believe this is possible. I wish we had more functionality to specify statements from Rise and Storyline. These "experienced id_blablabla" statements are useless. I hope it improves soon! Help us out Articulate.