New to Rise - is there a way for a checklist to stay ticked?

May 16, 2018


We added a check list to Rise and wondered if there is a way for it to remember what has been ticked.  There is a to do list that can be checked off and it would be great if it remembered what staff had ticked already when they come back in. Is that possible? I am uploading the finished product to a totara LMS.



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Karine Desrochers

Hello, I would love to have this feature too. Also, I was wondering, is there any way to add a checklist next to an image, so the learner doesn't have to scroll up and down from the image to the checklist to compare if all the elements were completed? Thank you in advance for your response. 

Isabell Tönebön

Hi, in one of my e-learnings, I have the issue that I would like learners to complete a checkbox before continuing the lesson. I have added the checkbox and the continue button with the completion type "complete block directly above". However, after ticking all boxes the continue button arises and learners can remove their selection. Is there any possibility to change this? Thanks in advance