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Feb 06, 2017

Will Rise publish as a scorm file that can be uploaded to our LMS.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Louisa and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I'm not familiar with that LMS, but I do know that we recommend uploading and testing your content in SCORM Cloud. This helps us identify if an issue lies within your course or within your LMS.

I was able to successfully upload your zipped output and you can view it here.

I think the piece you are missing lies within this article:

Point your LMS to the indexapi.html file (if your LMS requires you to identify the launch file).

Louisa van der Linden

Apologies. I never saw your reply. Yes, it works on SCORM Cloud for us too. I've pointed the LMS to the indexapi.html file, but it opens a blank page, the course doesn't launch. This is the URL although you probably can't access it.


Brenda Stutsky

Just a comment -  in our Health Region an old version of Internet Explorer is used because of old legacy systems and Storyline files will open but Rise files will not. Our IT Dept needed to push out Chrome to all computers (after much persuading to do something) and I put a note in caps in the titles of each Rise file to only use Chrome as it will not open in IE. So, ensure browsers are up-to-date.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Louisa,

Thanks for starting a Support case.

I see that Robert advised you to point to index.html from the scormcontent folder vs. the indexapi.html and that you also shared the course worked at SCORM Cloud (an industry standard for LMS testing). 

Do you know if your LMS admin was using another client's Rise course or something from Storyline/Studio? 

Mark Wilson
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for checking in on question level details for SCORM 2004. The ETA on this has shifted a bit into Q2, but we'll keep you posted here once it is available so as long as you're subscribed to the forum you'll get an email notification when staff shares an update. You can also double check the Rise version history page, if you think you missed something here in ELH as we're keeping that update with new features and fixes that get pushed out. 

Please let us know if you need anything else! 

Hi Ashley,

Has there been any updates on the development of this Articulate Rise feature? We are way past Q2 now.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephen, 

Thanks for checking in on this. We've had some development timelines shift in our first year of Articulate 360 - so this isn't ready yet, but still on the list for our team to work on. We've got a few other things in the pipeline first, but we'll let folks know here or on the “What’s New” page and in the Rise Version History once these features are available. 

Leandra Khoury

I made a huge mistake when I exported my file from Rise.  I tried to open the file to see the course and I opened it in Adobe Acrobat by mistake.  I now cannot get back to the original file types.  Can you please tell me what programme the xsd file should open in and how to fix the defualt opening of the file?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leandra,

Are you trying to play back the Rise course locally?It looks like you exported for LMS, so you'll ultimately want to upload the Rise export to your LMS (or Web server). Have you tried uploading the course to your LMS? If you want to test before using your own LMS, take a look at SCORM Cloud. 

Also, if the course is still in your Rise account, you could export again and everything should be all set. 

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