Quotation Marks in Rise 360

Jun 17, 2019

Does anyone know if the quotation marks in the Quotes block can be removed?

I want to use the quote block, without the quote marks.

Please advise. /jc

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Karl Muller

Hi Jillian,

Tom Kuhlman from Articulate provided this great tip to adapt quotation blocks not to show the quotation marks:

  1. Create a Quote Block.
  2. Choose to Edit the block.
  3. Delete the default text that is displayed in the Quote area and leave this area blank.
  4. Delete the default text in the area where it says Name and replace it with your text.
  5. Format your text as you would normally format any text block.
  6. Replace the default image with the image you want to use.
  7. Preview to see the effect of these changes.

Note that this works best with Quote Blocks B and D, as Quote Blocks A and C will display a "-" at the start of the text.