Recovering deleted blocks

Jun 11, 2018

Curious if there's a way to recover deleted block from Rise. Somehow several blocks disappeared from one of my courses and I'm hoping to recover them. Is there a version history that I ca access to track these down? Thanks! 

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Cherese Collins

Has this been resolved. This just happened to me and the undo button did not appear in my Rise block. How is it that this hasn't been created yet, like autosave for your Storyline documents? Seriously, for all the money that is paid by my employer this should be at the forefront. Very frustrating Storyline, get it together!!!!!!!!! 

brian haugen

How do we revert back to an earlier version? Or at lease undo a text delete?

I inadvertently highlighted a section of text and back-spaced it out of existence. Really crappy!

I guess the only way is to save it constantly with version numbers? that is a time consuming process that will sure slow down the work flow and value of Articulate Rise

Simon Dethridge

This is an incredible missing function and very expensive for your customers to have to bear. Surely, surely after two years, someone in the skunkworks would have cut some code to provide a recovery function. I can't being to explain how infuriating this is to lose hours of work. PLEASE FIX!! Is there anyone in marketing or customer experience jumping up and down about this? Not happy at all.

Penny Spacht

When updating a file I accidently trashed something and there was no Undo button for me either.  The person who created it passed away and didn't leave a backup or Word document.  I thought I could use the published version to recreate the content, but alas there isn't one because users were given access to the LIVE file.  Which means as soon as I deleted the content no one has access to the information. 

I feel like this is Friday the 13th, I've broken a mirror, while walking under a ladder, stepping on a crack, all because I was trying to avoid a black cat.  :(

I'm begging you to add this feature.  

Linda Calderone

I just lost 5 hours of work. I know I should have been paying close attention when deleting blocks, but that said, is there any movement toward creating an undo function or including version history in the product? Seems like there have been requests for this functionality for over two years–am I missing any new posts that explain options for recovering lost work?

James Hall & Co.

This is still not in place.  I used a template and spent 2 hours course writing, deleted the unused blocks and accidently then deleted 3 further blocks; this resulted in the undo feature missed from the 2 lessons - surely there should be a recycle bin or such like feature?  Even in moodle, a freeware platform, there's an undo feature!  Highly frustrating!

Josh Gorman

I will add my voice to the chorus asking for better undo support just somehow deleted a process block that I created yesterday and by the time I realized it was gone, the undo button disappeared. Undo/Redo is a standard feature in every application (including web apps). It should be standard here.

Sam Schofield

I accidentally deleted a block for which all attachments are lost and just because I didn't realize I deleted it for 11 seconds, 1 second too long, it's just gone forever? Makes no sense.

These forums are full of real issues that are being added to "feature requests". Do these feature requests ever get put into action? Sure doesn't seem like it. This topic seems so obvious and here we are years later and still nothing. . . not even a work around. 

Alyssa Gomez
Hi everyone! We've improved the visibility and functionality of the undo notification that appears when you delete blocks.

The new undo notification appears for 12 seconds with a timer indicator. If you need longer than 12 seconds, hover your mouse over the notification to pause the timer. You'll also see multiple notifications when more than one block is deleted.

Let us know if you have any questions about this enhancement!