Return to previous versions of Rise lessons after edits have been made

Nov 09, 2017

Is it possible to return to an older version of a course after edits have been made? We can see the old version in Review, but what if we decided we didn't like the changes that have been made and wanted to return the Rise course to two versions ago (so that it is editable in Rise)?

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David Cowan

We desperately need versioning for Rise. Being able to track changes and revert to a previous version is really important when you have collaborators working on the same project. This allows the owner to manage the project properly without worrying someone will delete content by mistake. This happens all the time and I don't understand why this hasn't been implemented. Please reconsider your timeline for this.

Dorothy Miller


I have changed a marker graphic and want to return to the previous one - I am working in Rise and have not yet published to Review. Is there a way to return to the earlier version, I can see the version control question was first raised five years ago, is there any update on this please?