Return to previous versions of Rise lessons after edits have been made

Nov 09, 2017

Is it possible to return to an older version of a course after edits have been made? We can see the old version in Review, but what if we decided we didn't like the changes that have been made and wanted to return the Rise course to two versions ago (so that it is editable in Rise)?

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Cassandra Root

Adding a vote for version control as an updated feature. We recently had an issue where another member of our team was made a course collaborator in order to use a course as a template and essentially reworked that course into a new one without duplicating the original course. Version control would allow us to essentially recover the older versions when mistakes like this are made. 

Kelly Crow

I'd like to add my name to the list of people requesting some sort of version control or change log at a minimum. 

We're asked from time-to-time to share course content and it's not a problem if it's for the current version. If we're needing it for an internal investigation though and the training was completed a while ago and changes have been made, it creates issues. 

The previous suggestion of keeping copies of the exported files is not the solution I was expecting to be offered and not practical - and this request has not made any progress in 3 years. 

Any ETA on when this will be on the roadmap? It seems like an expected feature of any program. 

Nina Frankel

I agree! Having an option to save older versions of a course seems basic, universally essential, and a fairly simple functionality to create.

All that I have figured out to do in the meantime is to export a course as a PDF. This at least saves the content and design. It would mean actually recreating the course if one needed to return to an active version of it, but at least the information is saved.

colette savage

When will this function be available, it is kind of essential as a course developer to be able to recover accidental changes, I don't consider this as  optional and is certainly available in many other software packages, and may necessitate a move to another software provider if not coming soon.  Can you advise what is happening with this feature please so we  factor into our renewal decisions.