Right to left language In Rise

Nov 17, 2016


I am developing courses in Arabic Language. I just started using Articulate 360. I tried to add content using Rise. I could add Arabic text, but I faced many issues.

  1. Numbering and bullet list come left the text. As Arabic is a right-to-left language, it should be right.
  2. Text alignment also is left to right
  3. Navigation Bar is left
  4. No Arabic fonts available, I could only use the default one.

Could anyone help me solve the problem?



Sheikh Maawiya

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Dominik Ginthier

Hello everyone,

Do you have an update on the RTL support? It's great that the translation feature is now available, but without the RTL support we still can't use Rise properly as we have to offer all language versions at the same time (including Arabic).

We are also desperately waiting for this feature. 

Thank you.

Dominik Ginthier

Hello again,

I really would appreciate an update. This topic is very important for us. As I wrote in my comment above, unfortunately we can't use the translation feature as long as there is no RTL support. We always have to offer all languages (Our RTL are Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew) and we simply do not have the resources to create an Rise and a Storyline version of the same content. 

I really do like Rise and the features it offers, but currently it is quite useless for us. 

Thank you.

Luis Pinheiro

Hello. I would like to second that request. We are also building a course in ARabic and Rise's apparent flexibility with the language was one of the key selling points in us using it to develop the course.

Yes, we could possibly change the direction of the course by hacking into the CSS, but this should not be so difficult to accomplish from the application point of view in the settings. Besides, it would be a much cleaner solution.

Could you please address it?

Many thanks,



Cyntia Paré

Hi there everyone!

I'm just jumping in to find out what is the actual ETA right now for Right to left language.
We are looking at options for a new project and we were considering the possibility of using Rise, but we have to find a solution that will include the possibility of using RTL languages.

Waiting to have news on this.

Thank you!