Rise Block Template Creation Failing due to Animated GIF

I have a couple of lessons in Rise that I wanted to combine.

So I created a block template for one of these lessons and despite getting a message confirming that the template has been created, it never showed up in the block template library.

It turns out that this occurred because one of the image blocks in the lesson contained an animated GIF (1.2MB). 

Removing this GIF allowed me to create the block template.

Now ideally, this shouldn't be an issue. Adding a GIF to a block template should be possible (although I do understand why it may not be allowed), but if template creation is going to fail in this way, there needs to be an error message making it clear that the template hasn't been created.

I almost deleted the lesson that I was copying before confirming that block template had been created properly. This would have resulted in a loss of a few hours of work as there is no way to restore deleted lessons, only deleted courses. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Matthew! Thanks so much for bringing this up. We've got a team testing this scenario now, and so far, we haven't been able to recreate it on our side. 

Would you mind sharing a few more helpful details to get us on the right track?

  • Which image block type were you using? 
  • What web browser were you using when you noticed the problem?
  • Does the problem happen with any GIF file, or just the one you tested?